Industrial free zone enterprises

Commercial Benefits

  • Exemption from all licences and quota restrictions in imports and exports

  • No prices and profit margin controls

  • The possibility to sell part of the annual production on the local market subject to the payment of all relevant taxes and custom duties in force

Tax Concessions

  • Total exemption from taxes and duties for a period of ten years

  • Flat rate of 15% levied on profits as from the eleventh year of operation, and total exemption from all other existing or future taxes and duties

  • Carrying over of losses incurred during the ten year tax holiday period.

Other Benefits in Financial Transactions

  • The right to open an account in foreign currency (Euros, pounds sterling, etc.)

  • No restrictions to the sale and purchase of currencies

  • The right to transfer the profit made and the capital invested in Cameroon to foreign banks

Trade Concessions

  • Exports and imports are exempted from all current and future taxes and custom duties and from all other direct or indirect taxes, existing and future registration taxes, stamp duties and taxes

  • Exemption from the tax verification programme (that is, SGS, VERITAS). Exemption from production and sale taxes on all products purchased on the domestic market

Labour Concessions

  • Wages may be paid according to production capacity

  • The right to freely negotiate contracts between employers and employees

  • The right to automatic grant of work permits to foreign employees (may not exceed 20% of the total workforce of the company after five years of operation)

  • The right to replace the National Social Insurance Fund (NSIF) with any private scheme offering equal or better allowances than those of NSIF

Other Advantages and Concessions

  • The right to enterprises to install their own electricity generators and telecommunication systems if the need arises

  • Preferential electricity and port rates

  • Exemption from all rents, occupancy and price control

  • Protection of all benefits relating to general guarantees provided for in the Investment Code and the right to seek justice in the court of First Instance and the International Arbitration Association