Endeavours to attract Turkish Investors to Cameroon

Within the framework of initiatives to encourage Turkish economic operators to invest in Cameroon, the Ambassador of Cameroon to Turkey, H.E. Victor Tchatchouwo held an important working session with the managers of the Turkish enterprise "TURKMAHALL" on Thursday 7 January 2021.

TURKMAHALL is a financial consultancy firm that specialises in the promotion of Turkish companies abroad. It is also very active in the fields of "B2B" and the promotion of products made in Turkey. The working session focused on the project outline for the establishment of a TURKMAHALL Business Centre that will serve as an exhibition space to showcase the products of close to 200 Turkish companies, in Yaounde, in 2021. During this meeting, the Ambassador presented the advantages offered by Law N° 2013/004 of 18 April 2013 to lay down private investment incentives in the Republic of Cameroon. He also encouraged TURKMAHALL to establish partnerships with Cameroonian SMEs.

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