After his clarion call for foreign investment in Cameroon, during the TABEF Panel discussions on the 21st of October 2021 on the theme "Investment Opportunities in the Agriculture and Fisheries Sector in Africa", the Minister of Commerce His Excellency LUC MAGLOIRE MBARGA ATANGANA, matched words with actions by holding a series of meetings with several economic operators and Heads of Institutions in Turkey on Friday, October 22, 2021.

The Minister discussed Cameroon’s potential as a land of opportunities, with investment agencies and top-level managers of Turkish Multinationals as well as institutions, operating in sectors that are deemed crucial for Cameroon’s development strategy.

Among them, Mr. HASAN BASRI KURT, President of the Presidency of the Administration of Small and Medium Industrial Enterprises of the Republic of Turkey (KOSGEB). While welcoming the increase in the number of Turkish companies in Cameroon in various sectors such as infrastructure, construction, cement and energy, the Minister of Commerce encouraged Turkish SMEs to sign Joint ventures with Cameroonian SMEs in order to '' increase the level of production of our SMEs.

Mr. AYHAN ZEYTINOGLU, Vice-President of the Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Stock Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), which today has 365 members representing more than 1.5 million companies in various sectors in Turkey.  The Minister of Commerce invited his interlocutor to encourage TOBB members to seize the opportunities offered by the law setting incentives for private investment in Cameroon in order to invest and carry out projects in various fields. A call was made for close collaboration between our two chambers of commerce to strengthen the economic and commercial partnership between our two States.

In-depth discussions on investment opportunities in Cameroon were also the epicentre of discussions with Mr. DAVUT ALTUNBAŞ, Vice-President of the Association of Turkish Industrialists and Independent Businessmen (MUSIAD).

Cooperation between our Investment Promotion Agencies was not to be outdone. It was on the menu of discussions between the Minister of Commerce and Mr. ZEYNEL KILINÇ, Director of Investor Services of the Presidency for Investment of the Republic of Turkey, who urged the Presidency for Turkish Investment to seize the opportunities offered by the Agreement of Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments between Cameroon and Turkey in order to boost the existing cooperation between our two countries.

During his meeting with H.E. JOSHUA SETIPA, Director General of the United Nations Bank of Technology for the Least Developed Countries, the two Personalities reviewed the multilateral cooperation between Cameroon and the United Nations. Welcoming the quality of this cooperation, they emphasized on the need for Cameroon to have access to the scientific, technological, innovation and capacity building programs and activities sponsored by the United Nations Technology Bank, in view of promoting the structural transformation of the Cameroonian economy, eradicate poverty and promote sustainable development.