Birth Certificate

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New Time Frame for Birth Declaration
In accordance with the new provisions of Law No. 2011/011 of 6th May 2011 Amending and Completing Certain Provisions of the Ordinance No. 81-02 of 29 June 1981, on the Organization of the Civil Status Registration and Provisions Relating to the Status of Physical Persons in Cameroon,
Cameroonians living in Turkey must declare to the Embassy of Cameroon in Ankara any birth concerning them. The said declaration which stands for an application of a birth certificate should be made within a period not exceeding Ninety(90) days after the birth date. In case of delay vis-à-vis the above mentioned time frame, the issuance of a birth certificate shall no longer be possible, unless it is formally requested by a competent Court of justice decision.
A handwritten request (containing detailed information on the identity, the address and the contacts of the applicant) ; 1.000 FCFA (2 Euros)
The Cameroonian Marriage Certificate of the parents + colored copy; 1.000 FCFA (2 Euros)
the Birth Certificate of the baby issue at the Hospital and signed by the Doctor + colored copy;
The Translation of the said Birth Certificate in French or English ;
The birth certificate of both parents + colored copy; 1.000 FCFA (2 Euros)
Legalized translation of the above mentioned document if it is in any other language than English or French ;
The Cameroon National Identity Card if possible or Alien Card of the parents+ colored copy; 1.000 FCFA (2 Euros)
The Passports of the parents + colored copy of the information page of each.