Passport Application

--About CAMEROON--

The Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon in Ankara wishes to inform members of the Cameroonian .Community resident in the region that applications for processing machine readable passports are  received at the consular section of the Mission.
1. All prospective applicants for new passports and renewals MUST appear in person at the Consular Section of the Embassy in Ankara, Turkey for photographing and finger printing.
2. Prospective applicants must come prepared with the completed list of requirements and fees.
3. The Consular Section is open from 09.30am to 12.00pm from Tuesday to Friday for photographing, fingerprinting, payment of fees and the submission of application forms.
4. Please note that the Birth Certificates of all applicants born overseas must be transcribed at any Cameroon Diplomatic Mission with territorial jurisdiction over the countries where the person was born, before being sent in as part of the requirements for a passport.
5. Following a successful submission of an application, the applicant is issued an official receipt and a  receipt of fees. These ORIGINAL receipts MUST not be handed over to third parties and will be needed when collecting the passport.
6. All Application fees are non-refundable and the Embassy declines any responsibility for misleading information or fraudulent applications rejected by the Passport Processing Center at the Delegation for National Security in Yaounde.
 7. Applicants are informed that a minimum of 2 months processing time should be expected from the date application files are forwarded to the Yaounde Processing Centre.
8. All Applicants will be informed as soon as passports are ready for collection.
9. It should be noted that the Embassy is not responsible for any costs related to travel, lodging for the purpose of submitting passport applications or collection.